Sandra is a creativity specialist with proven techniques and strategies that help you free your imagination, expand your creative thinking, trust your intuition, and develop the skills you need to fully express your creative genius!

Whether your goal is to: ​

Be a professional actor or writer

Find greater focus and creative success in your business ​

Develop more spontaneity and imagination in your workplace or classroom  

Learn new strategies to unlock your child's creativity

Develop new skills as the parent of a child with behavioral challenges or developmental disabilities

Sandra has a program that will work for you.

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Throughout a professional career of more than 30 years, Sandra Cavanaugh has worked extensively as a writer, director, producer, actress, inspirational speaker, singer/songwriter, consultant and educator.

This multitalented, award winning artist and educator has combined

her skills, knowledge and expertise, with her passion for helping others achieve their creative potential,

to create coaching programs, workshops, acting classes, writing classes, and consulting packages that change lives!


   singer/songwriter • EDUCATOR