Hello, I'm Sandra Cavanaugh  

I am a Creativity Specialist

What that means is that I use my proven techniques and strategies, 

developed over 30 years as a creative artist, entrepreneur, consultant, and educator 

to help creative professionals, managers, educators, parents, and entrepreneurs

to think, learn, work, and live

with more creativity, imagination, productivity, and passion.  

​Whether your goal is to​ 

• develop more spontaneity, imagination, and creativity in your life and work

• gain the skills and creative freedom you need to achieve your dreams as a creative artist ​

• rapidly maximize productivity and innovation by unleashing the creative genius of your workforce  

• empower students to find, develop, and express their unique creative genius

• develop customized creative learning opportunities for your students or employees 

• get customized coaching and skills training as an actor, director, writer, performer, or speaker 

I can help

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 WRITER • director • EDUCATOR