WRITER • director • EDUCATOR


"Sandra brings so much passion and vision with her to each session.  The breadth of content she is capable of teaching never ends. She was born to teach and has the tremendous experience and relationships to bring every project to a brilliant, colorful life. She is able to personalize every session by using her impeccable intuitive abilities and gives each student/client what they need in the way they need to hear it."                                                                                                                                          Sue Donnellan

One on One coaching is about committing to an ongoing process of growth and learning. 

We will develop a customized plan and daily practice based on your specific interests and needs designed to help you gain clarity, focus, and purpose, while enhancing your creativity, communication skills, and training to help you achieve your personal and professional goals. 

In my coaching I combine decades of experience as an entrepreneur, director, teacher, and a creative artist in my own right, to work with you to determine your specific unique passion, vision, and life purpose and then teach you the skills you need and establish specific strategies to fulfill your creative dreams. 

My unique combination of skills, experience and techniques is particularly effective for those in arts and entertainment, as well as speakers, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, educators and those who have a desire to live a more creative, purpose filled life.  

With my time tested process, I help you to: 

• discover your passion and purpose

• free yourself from fear 

• embrace commitment

• ignite and express your unique creative genius

• and develop the skills, strategies, and practices you need to turn

your creative dreams and visions into practical realities.