Scenario based training is a unique and profoundly compelling educational tool for communication skills, decision making under pressure, danger assessment, and practical application of learned information.  Professions such as law enforcement, first responders, medical professionals, lawyers, educators, social workers, and caregivers have all benefitted from customized programs designed and directed by Sandra Cavanaugh. These programs provide realistic situations that allow students to practice their skills prior to entering the workforce or allow professionals opportunities to incorporate new information or hone their skills in a safe environment.  Sandra can custom design a scenario based training program to fit the needs of your organization.  

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Sandra works with small business owners and non profit boards and staff to develop creative and strategic solutions for, marketing and branding, fundraising, mission/vision development, and strategic goal setting.  

Sandra uses her same creativity training combined with her entrepreneurial skills to help businesses target their vision, and achieve rapid success.

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"Our job as educators is to give students the tools to express their brilliance and creative genius, not to decide if they have any."  Sandra Cavanaugh

Sandra has created and directed specialized events, theatrical productions, and fundraisers for over 30 years.   Whether your audience is 10 or 10,000 Sandra and her team can create an event experience that is entertaining, compelling, and unforgettable.