SANDRA CAVANAUGH

for more info contact sandra at sandra@sandracavanaugh.com

Sandra has worked for decades with children diagnosed with autism, developmental disabilities,

physical disabilities, mental illness, anxiety, seizures, FASD, PTSD, and RAD.​

Sandra's classes and workshops increase self esteem, self expression, creativity,

written and verbal communication skills, vocabulary, and understanding of core language concepts.

“Think about how our classrooms would change if each class was started with the premise that all these children are brilliant, capable, amazing souls and we are there to nurture that brilliance!”  
Sandra Cavanaugh
“Our job. our responsibility, as educators is to unlock that brilliance.  Our education system is built on a methodology and a philosophy that measures success based on a student’s ability to express themselves in a certain way.  So many miracles are lost because we insist on them being delivered to us in a particular box.   We must listen and see each individual student as having their own unique and precious gift or message to bring to this planet. “

Sandra Cavanaugh